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Postponing our Hong Kong shoot

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Back in January we went in to co-production with 'Film i Dalarna' with our new project 'In Before the End of the World', a comedy short film set in Hong Kong. Due to the covid-19 virus we already postponed one time but now with the increasing cases we have had to cancel the trip and wait on more stable times, hopefully later this year. At least we had luck with getting full refunds for our bookings and can re-schedule without it affecting our budget. So I guess lesson learned here is, if faced by a big crisis wait until it gets worse and then get full re-found. Joke aside, we did have a great host for our airbnb that let us move it forward and now when Hong Kong went out with quarantine for all arrivals this week we got full re-found or re-schedule and due to the uncertainty of when we where going to be able to shoot we cancelled it instead. We will now turn our focus to projects set in Sweden for the time being.

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